Kangkung my favorite vegetables

. Oct 11, 2011
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Kangkong is one of the name of vegetables, the vegetables which has latin name Ipomoea Reptans, based on its growth  has 2 types, ground kangkung and water kangkung ( Watercress )
The ground kangkong is growing or cultivated in a ground that are not flooded like a plantation and yard and the Watercress is grow logging in a swamps or of flooded water

To distinguish both of them is see the leaves and the steams, Watercress has a wider leaves and steams than Kangkong which has steams more light green.generally Kangkong stemmed longer, whether the watercress.

and this is some tips of prepare and cooking Kangkung
- to reduce the dirt and sap kangkong, soak for a while then cut it
- Separate the leaves and the steams, enter the steams first so that maturation could be perfect
- For stew kangkung, lift kangkong after 3/4 cooked and dipped in ice water immediately to keep crisp and fresh
- Cooking Kangkung should not be long, to avoid the dissipation nutrients in kangkung.

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11 coment:

mr la baldy said...

Here in our country we call it Kangkong and it's best suited with a broth based recipe. We also stew kangkong and that is so yummy.

Sagittarian said...

yeah, love kangkong too! We also stew it here, and more often mixed it with broth like Mr la baldy said,.tnx sir!:) You can try kangkong suited with shrimp paste, another recipe too.:) Tnx for sharing!

Escorts in Mumbai said...

Its really very interesting post full of valuable information. The key part of this post is its descriptive way to define anything.

escorts in delhi said...

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Delhi Escorts said...

It’s really very interesting post. I liked it with my heart. This post is a excellent example of such kind of story.

reyah said...

last week my auntie cooked a crispy kangkong, and it is delicious.

Raynan @ Filipino Foods said...

Kangkong is my dinner tonight. Plus chicken with rice. Really yummy:).

ESHtravaganza said...

Seeing this recipe about Kangkung in the middle of the night is really not good.. make me starving to death =p

andrea suyoko said...

kangkung selain sebagai sayuran, kangkung juga enak apalagi kalau dibikin pecel pasti sedaap.
postingannya bagus.

kangmis said...

Hahahah,,, Just like my favorite food. Crunchy and... hmmm... Wennaak sekaleee...
Postingnya unik... Suka deech....

Melinawatson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.