How To make Lontong ( Rice Cake ), the other way of preparing rice

. Apr 20, 2011
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No one knows exactly Lontong was first created, which would lontong has been there since i was born : )

Lontong is one way of preparing rice. Shape of compacted lontong cooked with excess water because it is pressed with a wrapper (usually banana leaves). Lontong can last up to two days if stored in a refrigerator.
such as rice, Lontong (rice cake ) is also served by sharing dishes such variants: Satay, Soup, vegetable curry chicken and  etc,
so if you wanna know how to make lontong here it is
How to Make Lontong  :
  1. Wash and drain 300 grams of rice and boiled in 400ml of water until the water half-cooked and all water is absorbed. Remove from heat. 
  2. Cut the banana leaf with a size of 20 × 20cm.
  3. Put 4 tablespoons half-cooked rice on a piece of banana leaf and roll tightly to form a tube. Embed pieces stick, toothpick, or staples on both ends of the roll. 
  4. Boil again over medium heat for 2 - 3 hours until rice is cooked. Drain and chill in refrigerator.

can you show me Satay or Oxtail Soup..... 

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